⚡️ The Flash

Everything you need to know to start creating videos for your classroom in 10 minutes

What you'll learn:

  1. Install Screencastify Record. 2 mins. Make Screencastify your handy sidekick.
  2. Setting Up Your Recording. 2 mins. Learn about all of the tools at your disposal to create great videos.
  3. Using the Mouse Tools. 2 mins. Meet your secret superpower: your mouse and use it to capture viewer attention.
  4. Using the Drawing Tools to Annotate. 2 mins. Master a few ways to bring your videos to life.
  5. Adding Interactive Questions. 1 min. Learn how to add questions to your videos to assess viewer comprehension.
  6. Sharing your Video. 2 mins. Ready to wow your audience? Get the hang of a few ways to share your videos.
  7. Viewing and Analyzing your Data. 2 mins. Take a look at your insights - Viewer Analytics and Question Data.

What you'll get:

Certificate of completion.
Earn a personalized certificate that confirms you know your stuff!
Perpetual access to course videos.
Even after you've finished the course, its videos and resources will remain available to you.

About the Instructor

Olivia spent 10 years as an elementary school teacher in both New York City and Atlanta, GA, with a particular affinity for 3rd grade math and science. Now, she serves on the Professional Development team at Screencastify. And, she's super excited to help educators get the most out of video implementation in the classroom.